Creativity and Technology in Bozeman MT

Mountain Wave Creative was formed on the premise of helping our neighbors succeed in the ever-changing world of web pages and online media. This is a hobby, a passion for us and we treat it as such.

You’ll never see us charging top dollar, or pushing hard, competing against Bozeman’s top talent in the online world.

We are tinkerers, entrepreneurs, engineers, and builders. Seeing our clients succeed and make “cool stuff” is what drives us forward.

Let us help you create a welcoming web presence, a proof of concept prototype, or just talk over some fun product development ideas.

What we can do:

  • Basic Web Design
  • Simple CNC Machining
  • Software Development in many languages
  • Design for Manufacturing
  • Prototype Models and Designs
  • Electronics Repair and Design

For us, the sky is the limit. For our clients, the sky is just the beginning. Let us help you navigate modern small business in the mountains!

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