Welcome to Mountain Wave Creative. We provide web, engineering, and creative services to local Montana businesses. We grew up here, we live here, and we want to see you succeed. Our Engineering services stretch from mechanical CAD, electrical PCB and firmware work, web and software work, all the way to photography and light video production.

Why Mountain Wave?

Why Mountain Wave? We’ve combined our love of Aviation with Montana’s passion for powder. Whether we’re flying small airplanes around the northwest, or surfing the cold smoke delivered to us every winter, we’re riding the waves of the Mountain. Let us help you surf the Rockies and navigate technical hurdles while bringing your business goals to fruition.


We started contract work in 2009 and have been going ever since. Our first job was a software / firmware / hardware project working with GPS vehicle tracking. Our latest few jobs have been in web development and amateur aircraft avionics. We truly can do it all!